Why Brain Zone?

​The brain can be impacted for good or bad. When the brain is compromised, it can lead to brain-related challenges, which include:

  • ​​Poor cognitive functioning / brain fog / memory issues.
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    ​ADD / ADHD / Asperger’s / Autism.
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    ​Behavioral issues.
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    Depression / anxiety.
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    ​Learning difficulty / academic challenges.
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    ​Social/relationship Issues.
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    ​Metabolic-syndrome health challenges.
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    ​Low work-performance / productivity.
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    ​Self-defeating thinking / poor mindset.

Brain-related challenges can diminish the ability to achieve, increase stress and frustration, strain relationships, affect self-esteem, and inhibit joy.

The brain’s health is essential for optimal living; its disorders are surely the most profound of human miseries."
—H. Chandler Elliott, Physician

Brain Zone's Mission  

Brain Zone's mission is to help individuals of all ages, "Live their greatest possibilities" by increasing their brainpower to:

  • ​Be at the top of their game with their cognition, behavior, emotions, and relationships.
  • ​Develop self-management and self-motivation.​
  • ​Increase their achievements, fu​lfillment, and positive outcomes.
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    ​Enhance their ability to make a difference for good.
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    ​Build inner-strength, confidence, and resiliency.
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    ​Transform challenges into opportunities.
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    ​Increase their overall well-being and happiness.

Brain Zone's Philosophy

Brain Zone believes that every individual is a unique composite of his brain, body, and soul. Each of these impacts the others, and all three must be strengthened for optimal living. However, ultimately, it is the brain that has the final say on what individuals do with their lives; the decisions they make; how they respond to difficulty; their emotions and how they deal with them; the quality of their health; their behavior and interactions; their productivity and achievements; and their level of happiness. The brain is a key component to every area in life.

In today's world, brainpower is the real basis of competitive advantage! Brainpower has become the true measure of economic (and life) potential."
—Ralph Goodale, Canadian Financial Minister April 2017

How Brain Zone ​Looks at IQ

IQ is short for ​Intelligence Quotient. IQ tests measure "Academic Intelligence".  However, IQ tests don't measure "street smarts", creativity, imagination and innovation—all of which contribute to a person’s success (or lack of) in life. Intelligence is the aptitude to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Brain Zone Enhances the Five Intelligences

Intelligence isn't limited to academic intelligence. There are five intelligences. Academic Intelligence can help an individual excel in school, and other similar situations. However, to excel in life, in addition to academic intelligence, a person also needs emotional, social, self, and life intelligences:

  • Academic Intelligence— the ability to do well in school and similar situations.
  • Emotional Intelligence— intelligence related to emotional regulation, perseverance, handling emotions in a positive way, resilience, inner strength, and so forth.
  • Social Intelligence— possessing the knowledge and skills for positive social interactions and relationships.
  • Self-Intelligence— a high level of self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, self-management, self-motivation; and the ability to achieve one's greatest possibilities in life.
  • Life Intelligence— the knowledge and skills for being successful in life—goal setting and achieving, planning ahead, common sense, "street smarts", understanding how life works, and the ability to make the most of life.

Brain Zone and Success

Brain Zone views success as: “Accomplishing those things that lead to progress, contribution, fulfillment, and joy in life".  Brain Zone programs implement the elements needed for individuals to achieve success.

​How the Brain Can Be Enhanced

It was long believed that that the human brain was hardwired and could not be changed. However, scientific discovery has found that the brain can be improved through neurogenesis (birth of new brain cells) and neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to rewire itself and form new neural connections).

Every man, if he so desires, can become the sculptor of his own brain."
—Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Neuroscientist

Brain Zone helps individuals enhance their brain by offering programs that:

  • ​Increase overall brain health, performance and connectivity.
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    ​Help maximize the various brain zones to achieve the greatest outcomes.
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    ​Increase skills for using the mind to achieve desired outcomes.
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    ​Provide knowledge and skills for enhanced cognitive performance, emotions, relationships, health, and achievements.
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    ​Help increase physical health tied to brain health.
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    ​Increase inner strength and the ability to “Stand up and Speak up”.
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    Incorporate the C.A.R.E. Approach (Consider; Accept; Relate; Empower)—a way of thinking, feeling, and doing that brings out the best in people and life.
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    ​Develop skills for greater thinking— to problem-solve, analyze, weigh choices, innovate, and progress.
Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think."
—Martin Luther King, Jr.