Relationships and Social Challenges

Research shows that social and relationship success is one of the greatest predictors of happiness and well-being. It also shows that the absence of positive social interactions is linked to negative consequences, such as withdrawal, loneliness, depression, feelings of anxiety, lowered self-esteem and difficulty at school, work, and home. Social skills impact most areas of life and are crucial to positive interactions and relationships and happiness in life. Social and relationship challenges can include:

  • ​Difficulty understanding what is going on socially.
  • ​Inappropriate behavior for the social situation.
  • ​Difficult or awkward interactions.
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    ​Challenges reading body language (gestures, facial expression, etc.).
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    ​Tendency to discuss self or own interests rather than others.
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    ​Difficulty understanding social/emotional issues.
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    ​One-sided conversations.
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    ​Has no or few friends.
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    ​Often seems alone, “in his own world,” or “doing his own thing,” even around others
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    ​Poor relationships.
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    ​Often gets into arguments.
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    ​Experiences social anxiety around others.
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    ​Doesn’t follow social rules

​​Social challenges can cause difficulty, frustration, stress, awkwardness, discomfort, anxiety, and at times, embarrassment.

Fortunately, There is Hope!

Brain Zone offers consultations and classes that provide knowledge, skills, and tools to enable individuals to increase their social skills and positive relationships.

Options for Children and Youth with ​Social Challenges

Children/youth participate in activities and lessons that teach them important social skills, then are given opportunities to practice those skills during their time at  Brain Zone while being guided by a mentor.

  • ​One-on-one consultations.
  • ​Small group of ​4 students.
  • ​Medium group of ​8 students.
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    ​Large group of 15 students.

Teen Scene— Interpersonal Skills

Teens can unplug from their electronics and plug into fun activities that increase their interpersonal skills. This class is once a week and offers stimulating activities that help them enhance social skills, build self-confidence, and have an opportunity for self-expression.

​Consultations for Adults with Social Challenges

We offer one-on-one consultations. You can select from a variety of options.

Options for Parents of Children and Youth with Social Challenges

  • ​One-on-one consultations.
  • ​Parenting classes.