​​​​Emotional Challenges

"Negative Emotions can Destroy Peace and Joy and Disrupt Lives"

  • ​Anger Outbursts.
  • ​Emotional Meltdowns.
  • Anxiety.
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    ​Emotional shut-down.

Difficult and unpleasant emotions can be discouraging, detrimental, and have a negative impacton the person experiencing them, and those around him/her.

​Fortunately, There is Hope!

Brain Zone understands that difficult emotions can serve a purpose if they compel us to use positive means to make needed changes. We offer a holistic approach to dealing with difficult emotions in a way that creates positive outcomes. We offer knowledge, skills, and tools that enable individuals to:

  • ​Identify the causes and intensifiers of their emotions.
  • ​Determine the validity of an emotion they are feeling, as well as the validity of its intensity. 
  • ​Assess their response to the emotion and determine in what ways it may be harmful.
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    ​Utilize options for expressing and dealing with the emotion in a positive way.
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    ​Create a mindset that empowers them to dispel emotions that serve no positive purpose.
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    ​Control their emotions, rather than letting their emotions control them.

NOTE: Brain Zone does not give medical advice. We work in conjunction with our clients’ health professionals.

Options for Children and Youth with Emotional Challenges

  • ​One-on-one consultations.
  • ​Small group of ​4 students.
  • ​Medium group of ​8 students.
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    ​Large group of 15 students.
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