Five tipe for a great school year
School bells are ringing again to signal the start of a new school year. Here are five things you can do to help your child have a great school year. TIP #1—Make Sure Your Child Gets Sufficient Sleep YES, the time your child goes to sleep does make a difference. When kids stay up late (especially on school nights), their sleep shortage can result in: • Difficulty waking up (and then moving slow when they do). This can result in running late and can create stress. And stress can lead
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ADHD Journey Sign
My journey into ADHD research and becoming a strong advocate for children with ADHD was sparked by my own children’s ADHD challenges. My son, Reis, was born in 1989 during the time when ADHD was just beginning to be acknowledged. His ADHD traits began to surface in preschool—where he would rather be doing anything other than sitting in his chair. Kindergarten was a nightmare. In addition to ADHD, Reis also had sensory sensitivity (also called sensory processing or integration disorder). If a child has this challenge, then overstimulation in the
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