About Brain Zone

Brain Zone  was founded by Jaydra Hymer—a brainpower consultant, behavior specialist, educator, child and family consultant, and ADHD expert. As a result of over two decades of doing brain research and applying the findings of neuroscience in her profession, Jaydra knows the profound impact that the brain has on every aspect of a person’s life—including cognitive functioning, emotions, decisions, behavior, health, relationships, accomplishments, and joy in life.

Jaydra’s over 30-year professional career covers a broad spectrum. For nine years she taught college courses—which included Educational Psychology, Behavior Management, Child Development, Cognitive Development, and Human Development, to name a few. For fourteen years, she owned and directed child development centers, preschools, and after-school programs. In addition, she was contracted by Social Service agencies to provide “last chance” family preservation services—teaching court-ordered parenting classes, and working in the home with parents at risk of losing their parental rights. She also worked as an early interventionist for infants and toddlers with special needs. She was also a manager of professional development at Salt Lake Community College. Jaydra is the author of Turn Your Child’s ADHD Stress into Success. And, as a result of her own children’s ADHD, and following years of ADHD research, she founded Success Pointe—a private school for children with ADHD, academic, behavioral, emotional, and/or social challenges.

 Jaydra has had the opportunity to provide individuals struggling with brain-related challenges the tools needed to progress, achieve, and experience positive outcomes. To accomplish this, Jaydra incorporates the C.A.R.E. Approach—a program she developed and refined over the years of working in her profession. C.A.R.E. is an acronym for Consider;  Accept (and adapt); Relate; and Empower. C.A.R.E. is an integral part of Brain Zone, as well as Jaydra's one-on-one consultations, seminars, and trainings.

Jaydra and her husband, Rick are the parents of five and the grandparents of nine (see photo below). Her family has always been her greatest source of joy. Jaydra’s journey of discovering the immense power of the brain was the result of her search for answers for her own family members who experienced brain-related challenges.

As a result of her professional and personal experiences, Jaydra believes that "BRAIN POWER IS LIFE POWER". It is Jaydra’s mission to help people of all ages, maximize their brain power to enhance their cognitive performance, emotions, behavior, relationships, health, accomplishments, and joy in life—enabling them to “Live their greatest possibilities.”