Brain Zone Private School

At Brain Zone Private School, we offer real solutions to your child’s challenges, including: a personalized curriculum based on your child’s skill level, learning style, and academic strengths and needs; “Active”, enjoyable learning—no sitting in desks all day; One-on-one and small group instructionOngoing assessments of your child’s progress combined with any needed modifications, and; Emphasis on building your child’s love of learning, self-confidence, self-esteem, and academic success.

ADHD, Asperger's and Autism

ADHD, Asperger’s, and Autism can create a whole host of challenges. Brain Zone offers programs and protocols for all ages to help individuals who struggle with ADHD, Asperger's, or Autism overcome/minimize the challenges ​​these conditions cause and achieve their greatest possibilities.

​Emotional Challenges

Emotions can cause a child to experience a number of challenges and difficulties. Brain Zone offers the knowledge and tools to enhance moods, manage emotions, and minimize the life-contributors to difficult emotions.

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Founded on Neuroscience and Backed  by Success

At Brain Zone, we ​provide a broad range of ​services to help ​every individual reach his/her potential in today's ever-challenging world. ​To ​receive a free, no-obligation consultation, call Jaydra at 801-637-2736. 

​Behavior Challenges

​Anger outbursts, melt-downs, flip-outs, being argumentative, defiance, verbal or physical aggression, and so forth can cause stress, frustration, strained relationships, and feelings of hopelessness. Brain Zone ​​turns these behaviors around with a unique approach that ​works without the need for punishment.

Academic Difficulties

When a child struggles in school, it can negatively affect other areas of his or her life. Regardless of your child's academic difficulties, Brain Zone can help. We assess to determine the level of difficulties and their causes. Then we create a success plan to help your child achieve greater academic success.

​​​Relationship/Social Challenges

​Social/relationship skills are an integral part of engaging with others and functioning in society.  Absence of these skills is linked to withdrawal, loneliness, poor relationships, depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem and other issues. Brain Zone offers a variety of programs to boost social/relationship skills.

Life Resiliency for Youth

​It can be difficult for teens to navigate life in today's world where they experience negative situations, disappointments, failure, difficulty fitting in, stress, anxiety and so forth. Resiliency is the ability to face life's challenges and not experience shut-down, being overwhelmed, depression, or even suicide. Brain Zone gives teens knowledge and skills to overcome life's curve balls, develop inner strength, and experience greater success and joy in life.

​​​Just for Parents

Parenting is just not as easy as it was a generation or two ago. Today's kids are growing up in a world that tests just about every parent's best parenting efforts. Whether you are a new parent, in the thick of raising teenages, have parenting challenges, or just want to lay a good foundation for your child's life, parenting tools/skills through Brain Zone can help.